Welcome to Pearson’s Action Pack Kennel.

It all started a long time ago, actually one whole year.

After the 2012 hunting season came to an end I had a decision to make if I wanted a better pack of rabbit dogs I would have to start over. That decision was not that hard, base on what I had observed during that hunting season. I ran a pack of seven dogs, four older dogs and three younger dogs. As a pack they did ok. I killed my share of rabbit.

But each dog had one or two traits that I could do without. Two dogs had very cold nose, two hunted to close and the three younger dogs did not have the experience to help the pack at all they only flowed. They were all grade dogs that were given to me and a few were bought for a small price, I must say the old saying was true; you get what you pay for.

That was then, and this is now. After searching in every corner   of the United States for AKC registered beagles with the pedigree that I considered to have the qualities that I felt a rabbit dog/trial  dog  should have, I decided on three blood lines.

 The first blood line was the Bramlett blood line of dogs. These dogs were breed by Don Bramlett to have all day hunt that is a must, if a dog don’t have hunt it can’t stay here they also were   black and tan in color which happen to be my personal preference.

 The second blood line is the Jim Dandy blood line of dogs that comes from one the best pp trial producing dogs of all time Cruise Jim Dandy. He produced champion after champion, dogs with good line control and hard hunt given 100% every time out.

The third line of dogs come from a well known trail dog Lizard Creek Tadpole Known for his Brains, nose, and ability to work a check all were second to none. Each pedigree has something to offer, this is not the first time these blood lines have been cross I am not going to recreate the wheel I am just going to attempt to make it better by using the best ingredient to get the best result.

My name is Charles Pearson join me as I us sequential progressive steps that I have found to work in the making of a well rounded rabbit dog.