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Sally 2006-2014

Sally was by for my favorite beagle. She could run a rabbit  under any kind of conditions. She understood the words that came from my mouth. She was the foundation of Pearson’s Action Pack Kennels. In only one year of trialing her in ARHA Little Pack field trial competitions, Sally brought home High Point Hound of the Year honors, placing in the top five in four out of six trials that she competed in.

Sally, after giving birth to eight beautiful pups, passed away. The stress was just to much for her old body.. I will miss her greatly. She will live on through her son & daughter, Sal and Little Sally, the only pups to survive from that litter.

Sally Music City Chopper

Music City Chopper

Pearson’s Music City Chopper

DOB 09/25/2012


Bramlett top and bottom, my number  1 bitch, still young but have the hunt of a older dog ,a jump machine and check artiest.